Foster The People – Torches (Deluxe Edition)(2011)

Foster The People - Torches (2011)_optFoster The People
Torches (Deluxe Edition)
Año: 2011



1. Helena Beat
2. Pumped Up Kicks
3. Call It What You Want
4. Color On The Walls (Don’t Stop)
5. Waste
6. I Would Do Anything For You
7. Houdini
8. Life on the Nickel
9. Miss You
10. Warrant
11. Broken Jaw (Bonus Track)
12. Love (Bonus Track)
13. Chin Music for the Unsuspecting Hero (Bonus Track)
14. Don’t Stop (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
15. I Would Do Anything For You (Official Song) (Bonus Track)
16. Helena Beat (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
17. Pumped Up Kicks (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)

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